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September 11, 2010


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kristie larsen

What a great project. I can just smell those great herbs! I remember mod podge in the '70's! Made a lot of projects with it. Nice to see a come back! G in Utah


This is a really cool project! My earliest memory of using modge podge? Probably in school - we made things a lot and I remember that being my FAVORITE part of the day!


What a cute project!! I started using Mod Podge last year, up until then, I used the whole water and glue homemade Mod Podge Version :)

Donna Rinckel

Funny you should mention Girl Scouts. That was my first experience with Mod Podge as a Girl Scouts as a girl. Now 21 years as an adult member of Girl Scouts I'm still using Mod Podge to make gifts for leaders and craft projects with the girls. Guess Mod Podge has a special place in my heart!


I just started using Mod Podge last year, when I started making Jewelry.

Gini Cagle

My mom was really crafty and I can remember making things with her back in the early 70's!


I remember MP from my teen years, which was a lllooonnnggg time ago! Early seventies. I honestly can't remember what I used it way back then. Completely forgot about it until this year when I ran across it on various websites. Now I have a new bottle of it and can't wait to get started on a project! I love the little box here. I'd like to try something like that.


cute project! i think i've only recently used mod podge to create my altered projects. thanks for the chance and have a great weekend! *hugs* steph :)


I remember using Mod Podge many, many years ago when we would collage papers to containers...we felt like talented crafters!

Su C.

What a great gift idea! I started using the original Mod Podge over ten years ago. I need to try the others too.

Summer braxton

I don't remember if i used mod podge earlier, so i think the first time was about 6 years ago when i started covering bought journals with patterned paper and sesaling them with mod podge.

ruth tacoma

Oh my, we used Mod Podge waaaaaaaaaay back in vacation bible school doing crafts. We Mod Podged greeting cards onto a board for plaques. :) Circa about 1978.

ellen s

ooooh! this is so pretty, love this idea and great idea to use the brayer. it looks so clean. my earliest memory of modge podge is making holiday crafts with my Nana. we would cut out images from Christmas cards and modge Podge them to wooden blocks.


When my husband was stationed in Germany one of the other Army wives introduced me to Mod Podge. Whenever our husbands were in the field, a whole bunch of us would get together and craft the night away! Good memories and good times.

Christine N

I love Mod Podge and have been using it for what seems like for...e...ver!!! But, I think the first time was in college when we made wine bottle candle holders with magazine clippings and Mod Podge!


I discovered Mod Podge several years ago because a craft called for it. But I didn't start using it a lot until recently. I just finished making 9 sets of coasters using it.

Audrey Yeager

I have always been "crafty" since I was little. The first time I remember using it was when I was in middle school. I bought some paper mache boxes and some decals and applied them to the boxes to make jewelry boxes. i still have them! :)


My first memory of ModPodge was my grandmother using it to seal a picture of a cat on a plaque my grandfather had cut for her.

Lisa Moen

Adorable project!

I heard about Modge Podge on a scrapbooking website about 3 years ago and of course had to get me a bottle! The first project I made was an altered picture frame and I have been hooked ever since!


I started using Mod Podge after Rosie O'Donnell was raving about it on her show. I was fairly new to crafting at the time and had never heard of M.P. Of course I ran out and bought some and can't imagine crafting without it!

Peggy Allen

I used Modge Podge probably when it first came out. My mom, sisters & I were always crafting. I remember modge podging some silk flowers to put around a mirror and on other projects. I grew up with modge podge and still love it today. In fact I used it yesterday to seal the back of some acrylic charms I was making. Thanks for many years of crafting fun Modge Podge. God bless!

Celeste B.

What a cute, easy project. I didn't use Mod Podge until about 5 years ago when I wanted to alter something. Never used it as a kid.

Julie Detlef

Love this idea! Gorgeous!


What a sweet project! My earliest memory of Mod Podge was watching my oldest sister use it to decoupage small wood plaques with images she cut out of our mom's magazines. She was very particular and only let me watch!

Crafty Math Chick

Embarrassingly, I have never used Mod Podge (I KNOW!) - I never knew it had so many uses until your blog posts! Now I want some!

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