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September 12, 2010


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This is super cute! And Plaidie Laddie (the mascot) would be proud!

Donna Rinckel

What a cute purse! And love the little Scottie dog on the front! Plaidie Laddie is the name of the mascot. Very appropriate!

Lexi Bridges

Plaidie Laddie! Quite appropriate I think ;)


Plaidie Laddie,the cute little Scottie with the Cunningham tartan.

Su C.

The Plaid mascot is Plaidie Laddie. Thanks for a great week of fun projects!


Cute Purse.

The Plaid mascot is Plaidie Laddie.

Linda S

Plaidie Laddie is the name
of the Plaid Mascot.What a cute project for any girl,big or little.Loved all the projects this week.

Summer braxton

Plaidie laddie is his name.... Wait, it is a he right?


adorable little purse! love the little scottie! the pennant banner is too cute :)!
the name of the cutie mascot is Plaidie Laddie :)!
thanks for the chance and have a great day!
*hugs* steph :)


His name is Plaidie Laddie. Cute idea for a purse.

Christine N

What a gorgeous little project!!! He looks almost like Laddie Plaidie!!!

ruth tacoma

Plaidie Laddie is the mascot's name.

Gini Cagle

Plaidie Laddie - what a stinkin cute name!


Plaidie Laddie is the perfect name for the absolutely adorable mascot.
Thanks for sharing your talents with us.


That is a cute purse! My Aunt and Uncle used to have scottie dogs, they're the cutest!!

The name of the Plaid mascot is the adorable Plaidie Laddie, you have to love his Scottish tartan :)


Plaidie Laddie........the perfect scottie dog

Audrey Yeager

Plaidie Laddie of course!!!!! Great projects this past week!

Celeste B.

Plaidie Laddie...and how perfect that today's project have a cute scottie dog on it.


He's the wee Plaidie Laddie and what a perfect way to end the week by having a Scottie on the project. The projects were all so much fun...thanks for a great week!

ellen s

The Scottie Plaidie Laddie. I knew I saw him on the header but it took a bit to find his name.

that purse is adorable, Linda! I am a long time admirer of Linda's work, and this is the cuutest!


Bwahahahahaha! It took me awhile but I found it!

Meet Plaidie Laddie, host of Paint Me Plaid. Plaidie Laddie is wearing a traditional Scottish tartan coat representing the family of Dave Cunningham, who started Plaid back in 1976. Plaidie loves to paint and is happy to be a part of the close-knit family of Plaid employees. He hopes you will stick around for awhile and enjoy the blog!

Crafty Math Chick

Plaidie Laddie is the name of Plaid's ADORABLE Scottie mascot. The purse you made in today's post is wicked cute too! Thanks for the chance to win!

Lisa Moen

Adorable purse!

The name of the Plaid mascot is Plaidie Laddie.

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