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September 08, 2010


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Gini Cagle

It's painted Licorice, Dove Gray, Metallic Silver Sterling


I'd say Metallic Silver. I would have never thought of anything as cute as this gift bag. My grandson would love to get something in a bag like this.

Shannon Blinn

Silver anniversary


The spunky pumpkin is painted with the color
extreme glitter silver
metallics silver anniversary. There are accents painted with
lavender/pumpkin, plus maybe some pureblack.


Metallic silver

Stephanie S.

What a cute pumpkin painted in silver anniversary.

ellen s

SO CUTE! I love anything doggie related. I am thinkng those would be super cute on dog bowls! you know, like DIY and then you could paint their name right on it.

The pumpkin is painted Silver Metallic

Mandy's Creative Corner

It's metallic! And so cute too =)

fran heupel

Love the cool projects!
The pumpkin is painted metallic silver.
The colors used on the pumpkin are:
acrylic paint pumpkin/light lavender
Extreme Glitter Silver
Pure Black
Silver anniversary


I love using stencils...this is such a cute project! The pumpkin was painted with Folk Art silver Anniversary.

Celeste B.

Cute spunky pumkin...he is painted primarily metallic silver with bits of orange.

barbara hopkins

the pumpkin is paintedfrom the following:
extreme glitter-silver
metallics-silver anniversary
acryllic- lavender/pumpkin
pigment- pureblack
main coverage is the silver.
by the way i love the bag...

Mary F

The pumpkin is painted in the Fok Art Silver Anniversary!

Julie Gastelum

Love the stenciled bag and the metallic silver pumpkin is awesome. I would have never thought to do that....just plain orange for me, lol...


I love that spunky silver pumpkin...he's a funkin!
Thanks for sharing!

Pat S

The spunky pumpkin is metalic silver.

Wendy Orme

The spunky pumpkin is painted silver.


Spunky is Metallic!

Crafty Math Chick

I LOVE those stencils! (I adore all things canine!) They MUST be mine! The pumpkin was painted metallic silver, very cool. :)

Peggy Allen

Cute bag. The pumpkin is a metallic Silver w/ orange eyes, nose and mouth.
God bless,
Peggy Allen


Spunky Pumpkin is a spunky metallic silver! Quite a dashing little fellow he is!


Oops, actually FolkArt Metallics Silver Anniversary for the base coats with glitter silver coats on top.


The pumpkin is painted Folk Art Extreme Glitter in Silver. Cute idea.


cute stencil. the pumpkin is metallic silver, hee hee. thanks for the chance! have a great day! *hugs* steph :)

Su C.

I love the gift bag! It's so cute. The pumpkin is metallic silver!

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