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December 03, 2013


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My Christmas stockings were always a hit. I filled them with gifts, candy, and trinkets that the girls loved. They'd like me to continue this now that they are married!


Super cute stamp! I just found your company today, sorry I missed your sale.

patty williams

We always go to a tree farm and select a live Frasier Fir for our tree. On Christmas Eve , the kids get to open ONE gift and it's always pajama's ! They've finally caught on to that ! (they are 14 and 17 now) And we line our walkway on Christmas Eve with luminaires while we walk to the little church around the corner for the evening service..and we still make reindeer food to scatter around the yard -- complete with glitter so it will sparkle for Santa to see !


So glad you guys are back posting. Loving this new set by Lisa. So adorable!


Great sale and thanks so much for the chance to win an awesome prize! The tradition we always do that is so special is going to midnight service on Christmas Eve. The church is filled to capacity and during the final song with Silent Night everyone has a lit candle. It is very heart warming and fills you with a wonderful Christmas spirit!


I came across a book called The House of The Wooden Santas. It is a story written in the style of an advent calendar with 24 chapters. The kids really like the story and this will be our fourth year reading it. We also have a special dinner on Winter Solstice where we will eat by candle light to celebrate the comIng lengthening of the days. I am planning a fondue dinner this year.


A favorite tradition is one which began when our kids were young. The kids and I would go for a walk shortly before midnight on Christmas Eve to see if we could see Santa's sleigh in the sky. We live in the Midwest where we often have cold nights so many times we were all bundled up, but I remember a few warmer nights walking around in our p.j.s and robes. Shortly before midnight, my husband would jingle some sleigh bells from the back of the house and the kids would scramble into the house and into bed for fear Santa was close by. Today, we don't need the sleigh bells, but the midnight walks, no matter what the weather are still a must.


On Christmas Eve, I get together with my sister, her kids & grandkids (with a brand new one this year), have a non-traditional dinner (pizza, lasagna or clam chowder, in the past), lots of laughs & the grandkids open their Christmas gifts from Grandma & Great-Aunt. This is a continuation of a tradition going back most of the last 30 years.


Great sentiment! As for traditions, my hubby and I watch It's a Wonderful Life together while I put a jigsaw puzzle together.

Patricia B

My dad always put up the tree and attached the lights. As kids we got to decorate the tree. When we finished Dad's Angel was put on top, plugged in and the tree was then lit. Well, we lost Dad 23 years ago, I now put up the tree, decorate it, put Angel on, plug her in and light the tree..... I still feel Dad standing beside me saying, it's the best tree we ever had.... Merry Christmas and God Bless. Love Ya'

Susan Nance

Christmas brings much joy to my life. This time of year brings three generations together to bake delicious treats. My grandmother-in-law, mother-in-law and myself bring out our hand written recipes that have been passed down from years past. Our kitchen smells like Heaven with the many spices, dried fruit and nuts that are used in our treats. There are a lot of beautiful memories from Christmas' past.


We spend Christmas Night with good friends and have done so for the last 25 years. We have watched each other's children grow up and Christmas wouldn't be the same without them. They are the family I chose. :)

Christine Kiehl

My favorite tradition that my family does every year would be new pajamas for everyone on Christmas eve! But, I LOVE to do the stockings as well! Candy and little wrapped gifts, fruit and nuts. Thank you for the opportunity to win! Happy Holidays!


My favorite holiday tradition is Trifle for Christmas Eve. It is a lot of work to make, but looks so pretty and tastes so yummy.

Alice Hyde

My sister and I have made homemade ornaments every year for our family for almost 30 years and there is quite a collection of them. We used to sew and quilt the ornaments but for most of the past 15 years they have been paper crafting and mixed media, and some of the wonderful Christmas stamps you have will probably make their way into the ornament one year. We have a lot of fun making them and our siblings, who are scattered around the country, all love to receive them. By now, most tell us that is all they use to decorate their trees. It has made Christmas really special for us all.

Beth W

Stockings! My boys are all grown men but it's still their favorite part of Christmas.They all get a "toy" and for just a little while they're children again.

Charmaine Stack

One tradition we have is the reading out loud of The Best Christmas Pageant Ever book. Usually we do this while trimming the tree, so when someone wants to take a break, they get to sit on the sofa and read. It is a great, funny story that always brings tears to my eyes at the end. Thanks for the opportunity to share - and to win!


We like to "adopt an angel" from Angel Tree- a program that get presents to children who has an incarcerated parent or parents. We buy the present and it's given to the child in the parent's name.

Evelyn Valencia

Every Christmas, we set up our Nativity scene. On Christmas Eve, we attend mass. Upon midnight, we place the baby Jesus in his straw bedding with Joseph and Mary. We then sing happy birthday. My children have beem doing this since they were little. They are now in their late teens and adults. Merry Christmas! Evelyn V

Jennifer Scull

what an absolutely adorable set!

we have several traditions for Christmas, but the biggest one is being sure the entire family is together to go to the tree farm to cut down our tree. all of the guys much each have a turn with a cut, so that they all have a part. some years we have actually named our tree! then each person has a specific roll to carry out with the decorations. it's a pretty big deal, and can't be done until everyone is together. every person in our family is important! :)


Linda w

I'm not sure we really have a tradition except getting together on Christmas Eve with family and fun and food. And I have to make my shrimp dip because everyone loves it. Now that all the boys are married, we have learned to share the family more and be flexible with getting together.

stitchin' and gettin' inky...

Lori Souter

Love to go look at Christmas lights, watch old Christmas movies and just hang out together!

mary anne guth

Every year my family all don our favorite Christmas hats, my husband has one with elf ears, and go shopping in a quaint little town close to St. Louis, called Kimswick. They have dozens of delightful boutiques and we have a wonderful time shopping together and hiding purchases from each other. We always stop at the same restaurant for lunch and all the shop owners know us now.

Sally Kohler

Every year we say who we are thankful for. It has to be someone who has passed on who touched our lives and how they mattered to us. It is a great way to pass on the stories of those who shaped our family and a way to have our children know them also.


We bake pumpkin bread in tin cans to give to friends as a gift. Sometimes we deliver them with a caroling session. Thanks for the chance to win some of your lovely stamps. :)

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